Control and Graphics in Garry’s Mod

Besides Sandbox, there’re a plethora of different other game modes. One or couple of them you have is that you are living in a city, caught a job, eat food etc. or it can be a simple fight match. Obviously it is not possible to list every game mode here, however, you can enjoy them easily if you Download gmod free and install it on your computer. All you need to have is a working computer, an active internet connection you’re your imagination. And you will be more than happy after giving that game a try.

  • Graphics

The graphics are quite amazing. Lighting is up to excellence and each and everything is so detailed. The water perhaps deserves a real praise, it’s absolutely beautiful. The models for the player are also ideally detailed and each and everything is the ideal state in general. Well done Garry, you have done a great job.

  • Online

The game has been made to be multiplayer, but you also can go single-player if you wish to. The community certainly differs depending on what game mode you are playing. For instance, sandbox players could be useful and can make cool stuff. Dark players could be a little broken, otherwise, they are ok. Overall, an online is A-OK.

  • Audio

You can Download gmod free and after that, you can see that this game has entirely realistic audio. All available props have their very own material, so, for instance, wooden crates clearly sound like wood when they hit with something. Metal clangs when it collides with any other metal and glass props would shatter like actual glass. When you are underwater, the sound is modified to fit precisely to that situation. Even voices of numerous other players are changed. NPC’s usually get voices as well; though all of the HL2 humans call you Gordon as they think you are Dr. Freeman.

  • Controls

Download gmod free and you can see that controls are easy to handle. You can run, sprint, walk, jump and crouch. You can fly around by pressing V key. This is known as “no clip” and it makes you capable of going through anything. Although strangely, bullets could still hit you so better be careful. When you have a contraption going, for instance, a car or a helicopter, you can control it similar to an RC toy with help of the num pad. Or you can just hop into it and can drive it. Handling of your very own contraption completely depends on what you added & how you have modified it. Despite that, everything is good to go.