How to install an Add-on in Garry’s Mod?

Welcome to the mesmerizing, virtual world of Garry’s Mod. If you are reading this review, it will certainly mean that you are looking for a guide to get accustomed to latest tips and tricks that one can use in Gmod Free in order to play this game like a pro and become a master of this game in no time. If that is not the case and you are not here, or you’ve been playing Gmod since a very long time, and know what you’re doing then you’re welcome to this review anyways, perhaps you might find something you never knew existed in this game.

Let us begin with the most primary rule, yet most significant, this would save you embarrassment and trouble when playing this game in multiplayer mode along with your family and friends: Do not just jump into multiplayer, try to learn things in single player, throw stuff around, make cars, build catapults, play with toy box, there are huge possibilities in this game and one thing you could do alone in single player. They’ll all prepare you for complexity that’s online sandbox.  Now that is done let us begin with tips and tricks that you want to know to play this game efficiently.

First let us cover something that’ll open the world to the wonders of add-ons, Garry’s mod, Mod, and each and everything else which covers. No, this is not how to make Mod, or add-ons, that are beyond. It’s for installing them.  There are wonderful and simple ways to do that such as:


You have to first download this Gmod Free because it contains a huge number of predefined add-ons that you can use according to your ease. Now, how can you know what an add-on is? Well once it is finished downloading, click the scars folder, and sees if there’s an info.txt file available there, if not try going into another folder, if there still is not. Then there will not be, and it isn’t an add-on.

You must have seen an info.txt in such folder, go back to the first window where you clicked on such scars.

Now begin the installation process, open another file browser and then navigate to the username steam folder, must be in 32bit: %steamapps/<steamusernamehere> and for 64bit: %steamapps/<steamusernamehere>/. After that navigate to Garry’s mod folder, into the second one and that’s how you can install the add-on in your Gmod multiplayer game.